Enterprise server services

Servers-guard.xyz is a tool for monitoring of dedicated app internet servers, cloud servers or dedicated, private servers. Even if you are powering your personal cloud server, this tool can help you to get maximal results when building a backuping solution of your private cloud environment. Servers-guard.xyz can serve well business owners, where our uptime monitor can act as a professional website alarm for all your sites.

Server performance monitor

Servers-guard.xyz is a tool for external checking of web site availability. Using our service, you can easily be informed, when your & any another web offer is offline. Even if you are using another system for web monitoring (like enterprise systems based on Windows or Linux), Servers-guard.xyz can arrange you additional level of web downtime protection by using another web monitoring system, different by country, network and complete infrastructure. Using these combined services, you can achieve really high web uptime, since chance of multiple services failure is nearly 0. Our monitoring is affordable, secure, without any hidden costs and easy-to-setup. Simply enter your e-mail & URL, and Servers-guard.xyz will start to guard your website.There are 3 choices of our services covering the basic usage for private users, standard offer for business users and the high-end offer for enterprises.

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